I’m an entrepreneur. And i’m also an investor. For me, they’re pretty much the same thing because my business is in investing in start-ups.

Back in 2004 I co-founded CountryCars.com.au with my best mate. We worked hard, had some luck and sold it to Fairfax in 2008. Since 2008 my start-up has been Green Lane Digital where we invest in start-ups. Investing is fun but it’s very hard to get right.

Currently I spend my time working closely with several of the start-ups I have investments in and meeting Founders in Australia and the United States. You can learn more about that at GreenLaneDigital.com.au

Paul Simon (recording artist) one said ‘every generation throws a hero up the pop charts’. I love lyrics and I think that lyric is pretty spot on. I also think ‘every generation throws a start-up and it’s Founders up the app charts’. Think AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, SnapChat etc.

I have a passion for identifying and working with the Founders that’ll be the next generations’ heros. I spend my working life identifying them as early as possible and empowering them to be the best entrepreneurs they can be. Currently i’m working closely with the Founders of with Duck.Space, BuySomewhere, GeoSnapShot, mPort, Zova and igrain. Time will tell if any of them are heros. 😉

This blog is about me trying to find a scalable a way to communicate the lessons I am learning and the insights I am having with my investee Founders. Generally you’ll see the content is related to helping Founders [entrepreneurs] in some way or another.